QA Consulting

To satisfy your customers and outbeat
the competition you need to act

How we work

With our QA consulting services we look deep into details of your processes, analyzing and rating them according to chosen quality assurance maturity model (e.g. TMMi) and propose adequate solutions. Our QA consulting usually starts with team interviews to identify the customer needs and areas where we should focus first. As a result we provide a detailed report with our recommendations. If needed, additional workshops and/or trainings will follow.

Our QA offer includes:

  • testing maturity assessment
  • development life cycle assessment
  • assistance with defining testing policy, testing strategy, test approach
  • mentoring when implementing different test types and levels
  • trainings and workshops, tailored to your needs
  • and more… just ask! Remember that QA is always dependent on the context.

Why Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is way more than just testing. You can improve in requirements engineering, software development or testing cycle, maintenance activities and more. When assessing quality it’s tempting to look only into testing process itself. That’s not enough. You need to ask yourself the most important question first: WHY? Why do I want to have quality assurance practices? What am I afraid of? What are the risks I might face with my project and product/service?


  • CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT – get a closer look into your past projects and learn how to perform them better in the future
  • FASTER DELIVERY – avoid bugs in the early stage of the process. The only way to go fast is to go well!
  • EXPERT KNOWLEDGE – our top specialists are providing trainings and QA consulting
  • STANDARDS – stay compliant with ISTQB/ISO/TMMi standards, also keep your code clean .