Scenario-Based Testing

Scenario-Based Testing

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Scenario-based testing is used to check your main business paths through the app as well as to verify the correctness of your solution’s technical implementation:

  • Preparation of test cases and test scenarios
  • Mapping scenarios with requirements to assess coverage and identify dependencies
  • Spotting technical flaws, bottlenecks, usability problems, graphic glitches
  • Verifying if business scenarios are well designed and easy to use
  • Functional testing on one layer (e.g. front-end) to spot issues in the underlying layers (communication, backend, etc.)

Scenario-Based Testing lets you

objective assessment

Validate user journeys through your app

Verify technical implementation

perfecting your company processes

Make sure your integrations work all together

4 steps of Scenario-Based Testing

Analyzing documentation and preparing estimates.

Preparing strategy. Planning test types, test levels, test cycles and regression testing.

Preparing test cases and test scenarios, environments & accounts setup, test data generation.

Test execution, reporting and retesting.

Case studies

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