User Feedback

User Feedback helps to discover needs
of customers using your digital product or service.

User Experience Tests

QA Consulting

Perform User Experience tests to learn all you need to know about your digital products consumers’ needs and fulfill them. UX services will let you speed up your work and increase your effectiveness as well as avoid design flaws before they actually happen.

  • Testers recruited to reflect your clients
  • Usability Audit – a heuristic analysis of your service
  • Cognitive Walkthrough – user behaviour simulation

User Experience Tests give you

objective assessment

Insight into you clients’ needs

Know-how about your competition


Higher conversion rate

4 Steps of User Experience Tests

General concept and foundations of your product’s functionalities.

Lo-li and hi-fi mock-ups and concept preparation.

Creation of clickable and ready-for-research prototypes.

Creation of functional recommendations descriptions.

Case studies

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