User Feedback

We check the expectations and needs
of users using the digital product or service.


We believe that the success of a digital product or service depends on whether or not clients recognize the value associated with such product or service. In highly competitive sectors, many companies offer similar products and services for the same value. The key is to find a differentiator that distinguishes one offer from the others. User feedback can help speed up the development process.

What we do?

During their first contact with the product/service we gather information about their feelings towards the product/service itself, as well as its features. In addition, we also check the usability of solutions, taking into account logical and functional problems.

How we work

We always look for new and unorthodox ways to obtain information, breaking away from the traditional methods and techniques. For each project, the methods of gathering information are uniquely selected based on the type of product/service, target audience and budget. Our goal is to find the most valuable information for the lowest cost.