User Feedback

User Feedback helps to discover needs
of customers using your digital product or service.


Efficient and useful applications are an absolute necessity to keep your customers satisfied. Our experts will help you to find out if your app meets their high usability standards. In our offer you will find both web usability test and applications usability tests.

What we do?

During their first contact with the product or service we gather information about customers feelings towards the product/service itself, as well as its features. In addition, we also check the usability of solutions, taking into account logical and functional problems.

How we work

With properly selected test group, we detect how does the application or website work and what problems does it cause. With group of potential customers we will run usability tests and provide you with user feedback and recommendations. After tests you will be able to make changes in the system that will help to make it much better. In the end you will be able to make your application or website more user friendly and generate more conversions.


  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – be ahead of your competition, by building user friendly and bug free applications and websites
  • NEEDS IDENTIFICATION – our usability tests will enable you to get reviews about your application or website from real users
  • MORE CONVERSIONS – by eliminating bugs we find for you, you will be able to increase conversion rate
  • CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION – convert users into loyal customers by increasing website or application usability